Designed To Inspire.


We are always excited to help evolve Pharma branding and graphics, by injecting a greater degree of production quality and design expertise into the marketing campaign. Our expertise in the field of delivering clear information and creating captivating imagery has generated strong relationships with the biggest brands for over 15 years.

Under normal circumstances we would be delighted to visit you and your team in person to walk you through our creative process, share insight and treat you to a delicious lunch! Until such time, we wanted to share some design exploration with you to help spark ideas and keep creativity flowing.

Recent Medical Projects.


With a broad team of experts in animation, design, typography, VFX, editorial and live action, we are able to create and produce every facet we need for production under one roof. Below are a few case studies of recent projects. Please also explore our website to see our work in other categories, from main titles, commercials and award winning marketing promos.

Design Examples.


We understand this territory well and always look for new ways to elevate the familiar elements of this category. We always love to present many ideas at the design phase to help begin conversations and collaborations with our partners. We look forward to working with you to shape the perfect tone and style for your next project.