K+C Builds a Brain


K+C used a highly distinctive Steampunk aesthetic for this PSA spot warning of the dangers of marijuana for young adults. All 3D elements of the brain were created to portray the effects marijuana has on the different components in the development phase of the brain.

An Immersive World.


When the spot begins, the visual mood is upbeat as we witness this riveting steampunk brain working like a well-oiled machine. We see many different memories playing as if projected onto screens. Happy memories of fun times. But then, as the marijuana smoke infiltrates the brain, the atmosphere shifts, becoming darker and hazier, sometimes a little out of focus and disjointed. This all builds to a point where the brain is malfunctioning in multiple areas and really struggling to remain in one piece.

Adding Humanity.


POV stock footage was a very effective method of making sure the memory images felt the way real memories feel: like they’re all being experienced by the same person, from their perspective, and telling a consistent story of his or her life. We used imagery that spans time, starting from early childhood, evolving into the teenage years, and eventually adulthood. We used a mix of larger, more pivotal events and smaller memories that may seem insignificant at first, but are just as vital. Ultimately, our aim was to build a cohesiveness and believability to this person’s life story.