Mission Statement

In 2006 King & Country was founded on the simple notion that the right combination of creative talent could (and should) do it all. From creative inception to production, through every layer of editorial, animation, CG/VFX and post production finishing – we offer a tightly collaborative team of the best talent under one sunny roof. That means we have the know-how to execute a campaign entirely in-house from the conceptual design phase to the shoot, through the animatic to editorial, animation, VFX and delivery.

We are a full-service design-centric production company with some of the most talented in house Live Action Directors, Creative Directors, Storytellers, Designers, Animators and CG Artists in our industry with the uniquely adaptive ability to lend clients expertise at any point of production. Our vast experience has enabled our success across disciplines, and brings clients back again and again. For us, it’s not about screen size or media placement. It’s about creating compelling, innovative content that takes a brand to the next level, whether that content lives on an Instagram post, a TV spot, a website, or a stadium installation. Regardless of the form factor, we approach every project as a creative challenge that we’re more than equipped to solve.

We Deliver Content Wherever Audiences Live Today.

Audiences today can be immersed in content like never before. From TV spots to social media to custom apps to on-site installations, fans expect more from the brands they love. That’s why we work with consumer brands, sports teams, and entertainment partners to deliver the most rewarding and engaging content to fans wherever they experience it. We’re well-versed in everything from designing 360 theater-in-the-round stadium experiences to Snapchat integrations; from Facebook-safe to Football Stadium-safe, we’ve built innovative content for every screen that fans interact with.