K+C Scrubs In!


The Keck and Norris Medical centers wanted to create a seamless move through both medical centers showing the advancement in research, treatment, and smarter medicine that takes place at the USC-based medical center.  Our team literally scrubbed in and put our motion control skills to good use in a working hospital to allow us to stitch the shots together. K+C shot all live action and did all editorial and VFX work in-house.

Seamless Transitions.


These spots play right up to our strengths and sensibilities at K+C. Not only does it feature the kind of stylish, seamless transitions that we excel at creating, but both spots possess an appreciation of technology and a wonderful sense of humanity. And that always strikes a deep chord with our team.


A Clean Footprint.


Creating these spots with military precision was vital to the production and our shoot day. Surgical planning enabled us to load in, shoot our scenes and load out with minimal interruption to the hospital, its staff, and the patients. Everything from the lens cap to the motion control rig was sterilized beforehand so we could move freely without risk of contamination once inside the hospital.