This Stuff Works.


As our previous work for BioAdvanced can attest, we know this space well, so we’re right at home in this fun-meets-functional sensibility. Our Ford Transit and Motel 6 spots are another great example of the tone we’re trying to achieve here. It’s lighthearted and fun, with a dynamic visual style that makes even the informational sequences a blast to watch. So in other words, we pulled out a lot of tricks in our toolkit to drive home our important brand message: THIS STUFF WORKS, effortlessly, all the time.

Masters Of Motion Control.


Some creative just begs for the chance to take advantage of the precision and control that motion control offers! We’ve been working with high speed motion control for many years now, and we really appreciate how it can elevate a spot without distracting from the story and message at its core.

There is a large amount of camera tricks and VFX under the hood, this is all hidden from sight so that the finished spots flow with ease and simplicity. Our goal was to get as much in camera as possible. You never see our VFX, as we abide by the real laws of physics! Rather, our effects are disguised as authentic in-camera tricks.

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