Two Motion Control rigs over 3 days.


While these are heavily post-produced spots, they don’t look that way. The color correction is neutral and light, while the art direction and wardrobe choices are clean and simple. Like a (visual) breath of fresh air!

The key to these spots is to maximize our locations to suggest a broad cross-section of American households. Clever use of our art department and VFX set extensions helped us attain the scale and scope we were after. We leap frogged two motion control rigs over a 3 day shoot to capture all the elements needed for the entire campaign at the different aspect ratios. Every shot was fully prevized beforehand to keep us fast and efficient on the shoot days.

Cut from the same cloth.


Although both spots feature different products, they both have a similar rhythm and flow. They feature similar intros and end pages, clever use of transitions, seamless product demos and fluid motion control moves. So despite their uniqueness, every deliverable feels like it’s cut from the same cloth. At the top of the spots, we establish plainly what Roundup is, how to use it, and how it works. No fluff, no mess!  Just grab it and you’re ready for action. That very action sets the pace for our spot, and the energy stays constant throughout as we see the product working its magic.

360 Delivery.


A mobile first attitude is adopted in our projects from day one. Careful planning before the shoot allows us to lens all the shots in 3D previz to identify setups that work both horizontally and vertically and those that require unique framing and special attention.