XBOX Us Dreamers


As we approach the launch of a new generation of gaming, there comes a renewed source of joy and inspiration for gamers around the world. “Us Dreamers” leads us all on an inspirational journey about what it means for gamers to dream and reach our potential, together.

We were thrilled when our friends at 215 McCann approached us to create a custom product mnemonic for this compelling spot. Our animation helps bring the viewers subtly back to reality from the dreamworld in one smooth fluid move. Relying heavily on lighting to do this, the consoles takes their familiar form silhouetted and floating in clouds. As the camera moves around the product, the lighting changes to transition us to reality where the products are now grounded and the environment and lighting are inspired by the apartment from the beginning of the spot. We know….. Thats a lot of thinking to go into five seconds, but at King and Country we believe in two simple truths, everything should be designed with a purpose and the magic is in the details.

Meet the Family.


With such an important global product launch, we worked hand in hand with 215 McCann through many iterations and test renders to find the perfect angle of the products, the placement of the controllers and most importantly the lighting and contrast of the frame to best feature both black and white products. For all our other XBOX mnemonics the camera is positioned higher to feature the iconic green light and circle vent on top. With this being such an anthemic spot, we felt the camera should be more heroic and lower, this choice also helped with the sense of scale during out lighting change. The theory of the lighting change can even hold true in just two seconds as illustrated by these short digital mnemonics.