XBOX Facebook Experience.


It’s always fun to create content that feels tactile an immersive, so we jumped at the chance to help our friends at 215 McCann with this XBOX facebook experience. The user had the ability to choose between two journeys, one highlighting the product’s power and one highlighting it’s speed. Once chosen they could freely scroll through a series of landscapes illustrating key features. With a tilt of the hand, the screen reacts and allows the user to look around each scene with full control. Each video seamlessly looped and were then connected together vertically to create fluid vertical scrolls inside multiple carousels.

Working Around Limitations.


Boundaries often help us in the R&D stage, forcing us to get creative and use clever sleight of hand to solve more complex problems. With a few simple tricks baked into the content, you can trick the user into thinking they are in a seamless fluid user experience when in reality, it’s a series of movies cleverly weaved together.