Shattering Records.


We usually steer clear of drama, but we couldn’t help but get involved with the biggest scandal of 2023. K+C™ and Bravo joined forces to whip up an alluring teaser and promo toolkit for Vanderpump Rules Season 11. First revealed at BravoCon, season 10 shattered records, relationships, and turned the show into an international sensation.

The Shattered Hook.


With the group of friends being more fractured than ever we knew the goal of the season would be for them to somehow fine a way to “pick up the pieces” of their shattered friendships and relationship. Using the satisfying visual of a shattering glass we could both convey the beautiful disaster that is Vanderpump Rules as well as show viewers that even if they are able to rebuild from this scandal it will look VERY different than what was there before.

Cutting through pop culture.


We created a cohesive look through digital and print by utilizing the theme of shattered glass to create a series of stunning and memorable visuals that worked across practical and conceptual components of the campaign. We used bold, brightly colored prismatic glass as a visual device to tell this story utilizing past and present reflections while piecing together the narrative of S11. It began with our conceptual teaser art during the first phase of our rollout, and continued throughout the campaign.