Four Spot Tease Campaign.


As UnXplained hosted and executive produced by William Shatner heads into its 7th season on the History network, K+C™ was tapped to create tease promos for the next four seasons. The four spot campaign was created with Unreal Engine, C4D, and all shot in one afternoon on a stage in LA during which we also captured a 3D scan of him for our digital virtual post shots. Our first two spots out of the gate were Doors and Shatt-nered.

Doors to the Universe.


For the campaign, we wanted to create an intimate and curious atmosphere, placing viewers up close with William as he delivered his lines with a gentle and magical tone, and bring a sense of wonder and awe, a unique quality that only Shatner can convey. For our first spot, Shatner leads us on a journey opening the doors to the universe. Our camera travels through surreal and out of this world environments, leading us back to Shatner in different doorways and environments. Each door transports us to increasingly strange and surreal worlds, defying the laws of time and gravity.



Our next spot starts with Shatner surrounded by invisible glass panels and the gentle touch of his hand shatters and reveals the glass. We shot Shatner tightly with two cameras, creating reflections and refractions of the same moment from different angles. Shattered glass serves as a transition device between Shatner and show footage, culminating in a moment when all the pieces connect back together.

Under the hood.


We shot cinematically tight, with two cameras capturing the main angle and cutaways of his eyes and hands. We filmed everything simultaneously while allowing William to remain comfortably seated for much of the time for our medium and close-up shots. For our textured cutaways and walking shots we utilize a body double and for our expansive wide shots with bigger camera movements, we created a virtual digital double. This digital double then allowed us to create environments in unreal complementing our in camera green screen footage and opening up our post to a host of possibilities.

Behind the Scenes.


A big thank you to the Kim and Jeremy from History and to the amazing William Shatner for such a fun and enjoyable day and bringing so much to the shoot. K+C™ are 20 year veterans at promo shoots, The way we prep and plan for our shoot day shows our dedication and excitement to the work and the energy and expertise of our team is clear from the moment we walk onto set.