CG Car Capabilities.


K+C™ was recently tapped again for our CG car capabilities to create the SNF Half Time Show open for NBC Sports and there long time presenting partner Toyota. Created all in CG, we designed an abstract, architectural environment that would complement each brand. Sunday Night Football has been the most watched primetime TV show for an unprecedented 12 seasons in a row, and Toyota has recently had the half-time presence during the game each week.

Stage-craft and virtual production.


For this seasons concept we created an immersive journey through a Toyota VR roadway. Inspired by groundbreaking stage-craft and virtual production technology we designed a way to showcase their new car line-up on a realistic roadway surrounded by virtual screens, transporting the viewer through a world of iconic imagery of home and away SNF cities.

Visually Immersive + Highly flexible.


We brought the two brands together in a clever and authentic way that still allowed us to create unique opens each week that showcases the cars in both cities featured in that nights game. We also built a line-up of different cars that could be tailored for each of the featured cities.  Along the way, we projected images and typography of each location,  a photo real Toyota traversing through a visually immersive CG video tunnel, offering a striking aesthetic and the flexibility to showcase each city and environment. The projection wall added a touch of magic, with reflections on the car and floor, enhancing the overall visual effect.

Under the Hood.


Nothing replaces great design, but new production methods have allowed us to create clever ways to tailor content in more flexible ways , and Unreal engine is allowing us to direct animation in real time and connect to live broadcast content and cameras. Over the course of 18 weeks, the car lineup and featured cities changed each week with a simple toolkit. Here is a brief BTS look at just a small cross section of the project.