Titans That Built America – Main Title


The Titans That Built America project is another installment of the “That Built” series. K+C created the Promo campaign for the show and they loved it so much that the show’s production company reached out for us to create the main title for the show.

Out of the ashes of World War I a new generation of Titan rise. Pierre Du Pont, Walter Chrysler, J.P. Morgan Jr., Henry Ford, and William Boeing. K+C was tasked with creating a main title to share the empire of each character and how they fought to reach the top and transform America as they competed to dominate new industries. The idea behind the show was to feature brief moments from the lesser-known stories of these historic Titan figures giving a behind the scenes and back alley look of what it took to become and continue forward into the history books as an American Titan.


Our creative team created a dynamic fluid sequence where we fly through a cinematic world comprised of show imagery, graphic elements, and iconography to find moments that speak to each of the iconic character’s accolades and bigger than life worlds. The look we established is immersive and driven by compelling camera movement. We also created scenes in 3D that help us transition, build out the environments, and reveal our characters and their stories. The approach connects who each of our characters are to shows iconic depictions of their empires.