Before Sharks, There Were Titans.

Before there were modern day Sharks from Shark Tank, there were The Titans That Built America. The updated “The Titans That Built America” will detail the rivalry of the next generation of American titans: Henry Ford, JP Morgan Jr., William Chrysler, William Boeing, and Pierre DuPont who fought each other and FDR to build billion-dollar empires in automobiles, airplanes, arms, and skyscrapers only to come together to defeat Adolf Hitler in World War II.

K+C was tasked with creating a Promo GFX package that combined footage from Shark Tank Sharks talking about the pioneers to their current industry leading legacies with the period footage of the original Titans from the show. We then created big, bold title cards, inspired by rock solid industry foundations created by the Titans, and a promo toolkit for the marketing team to be able to update and promote the series executive produced by Appian Way Productions’ Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson and Stephen David Entertainment for the three consecutive nights premiere. The shows production company loved our Promo Package design and energy so much they reached out to K+C to create the main titles.