Star Trek.


When one of Hollywood’s top directors, Justin Lin, invited us to present title concepts for STAR TREK: BEYOND we warped into action! He said our mission was to come up with one idea that used themes from the film. And since the release date would coincide with the 50th year anniversary of Star Trek – he asked us to generate another MOE concept that paid homage to Trek’s legacy. 

Direction 1.


This idea takes its roots in 50 years of exciting and iconic Star Trek history and meshes that saga with the story arc of Star Trek Beyond: A disillusioned Captain Kirk ready to leave space travel behind — until he finds his love for exploration and adventure reborn thanks to his latest and most exhilarating mission. We wanted to evoke powerful, nostalgic images that conjure up the feeling of Kirk’s own journey, as he recaptures the joy of discovery that has been the foundation of every Star Trek mission since the Enterprise was first launched.

Direction 2.


This fast-paced idea plays off Krall’s armada of starship-destroying craft as they move through the universe, ganging up on much larger ships and tearing them to bits.  The armada we would create would be a highly stylized representation of the actual ships from the movie, staying true to the concept without creating confusing crossover. We would see these ships as the catalyst to create and then obliterate titles and credits. The ships themselves would become their own transitions as move through space, doing their destructive best as they move through the full slate of titles and credits.