Persons Unknown.

Main Title.


A group of strangers wake up in an eerie ghost town with no memory of how they got there. Security cameras watch their every move, defeating their attempts to escape. Legendary writer, director and series creator Christopher McQuarrie wanted a title sequence that helped set the eerie and mysterious tone the show would be based on and also to set up the idea that “big brother is always watching”.



We didn’t have a lot of time for the production of this title. So we didn’t have time to produce a content shoot or pitch a complex visual execution. But we did have an abundance of footage the show had already shot since they were going to air in just a few weeks. So we started mining the footage to find shots that set the right voyeuristic tone that “big brother was always watching”. We treated the imagery to look like poor quality, stepped on security camera footage and came up with a type design and animation style that worked well with the rest of the visual design.