Say hello to Catalyst AI™, Penske’s game-changing AI technology revolutionizing fleet management and performance. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and the rich, diverse live collection of Penske data, Catalyst AI allows customers to compare their fleets against similar fleets, gaining insight into utilization, performance, efficiency and areas for improvement. This technology not only streamlines the fleet benchmarking process but also delivers actionable data-driven insights tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

K+C™ was tapped by The Martin Agency to help tell this story through design and animation. With beautiful footage, artfully directed by Bunker’s Warren Fischer our job was to create a look that was minimal, refined and carefully composed so as to work in harmony with the footage and never distract the viewer. 

Respect the Footage.


For our design and animation we wanted to adopt a minimalistic look that keeps the focus on the live action footage while still effectively communicating key information. This design maintains a presence with elements that feel tech-based, but is more subdued and simplified. A touch of transparency makes sure that the live action content is the hero while providing context that is easy to read and understand.

Data Driven but User-Friendly.


When introducing new technology to audiences, it’s crucial to present it as seamless and user-friendly. To achieve this, we showcased the practicality of Penske’s Catalyst AI and highlighted how it revolutionizes fleet management, bringing tangible value to businesses. The graphics needed to be sleek and elegant, not cold and sci-fi, seamlessly integrating into the visuals to enhance every scene. They had to be minimalistic, informative, and easy to understand, capturing the full capabilities and potential of Catalyst AI.

Thoughtful Mnemonics.


We continued our commitment to storytelling design right through to the very last frame. As with all our mnemonics we design with purpose and don’t let an opportunity go by to inject some thoughtful animation that further tells our story of harnessing the ‘AI’ to gain ground.