NFL Combine.


Our NFL Combine package is a graphic exploration of a sleek, hi-tech lab. It’s not overly scientific or sterile but rather it’s slick and modern, designed to draw attention to the multitude of rigorous physical testing the athletes will go through. This unique look sets it aside from traditional NFL branding, which typically leans towards the darker end of the color spectrum. At this point in their careers, the athletes aren’t in the NFL yet, so we felt a white world would subtly express the conceptual difference. Subtle enough so that it feels individual to the Combine, but that it also doesn’t confuse viewers or stray too far from the brand.

Full Show Package.


We created a full graphics package that embodies the sport and those dramatic stakes by graphically representing the intense scrutiny the players undergo to have their greatness measured. It’s not just about speed, strength, and endurance. It’s also about intelligence, discipline, passion, and many other tangible and in- tangible attributes that make up the greatest football players in the world.