360 Promo Package.


K+C™ teamed up with long time friends at USA network to create the digital and broadcast graphics package for their flagship series NASCAR: Race for the Championship. A bold and groundbreaking docu-series that showcases the greatest drivers in the world, fighting for the NASCAR Championship during the high-stakes, pressure-filled NASCAR Playoffs – all from an exclusive and unprecedented insider’s perspective, on and off the track.

Making the Cut.


The follow-doc series takes viewers deep into the world of NASCAR with the passion and perils of the sport as Drivers and Teams lay it all on the line for a chance to make history. The playoffs have built in milestones that will determine who advances and eliminating who doesn’t make the cut.

Other Directions.


Like all our jobs, we begin our exploration with a deep dive into all the ways we can approach it. In this case, six ideas rose to the top that explored different graphic treatment of footage, typography and textures.

Mobile First.


Its a bold and fast moving package that was designed to feel like an all-access pass to the biggest stars of motor sport. It was designed to look dynamic for broadcast and mobile applications at the same time. When stacking this much live type, mobile has to be considered at the very beginning of a project.