Main Title.


We were thrilled to be asked by Nascar Productions to create the Main Title for their groundbreaking docu-series Race for the Championship. They had seen a sneak peek of our campaign we were creating for USA to promote their show and brought us on board to for a 360 approach where we tried to bridge the gap between a cinematic documentary style and a premium scripted drama aesthetic.

The Narrative Device.


After presenting a thorough round of concepts, one idea stood out. An idea that expands on the pulse-pounding moment when the cars connect. Sparks take on their own beauty as they burst, trail, and at times engulf the lens. And each time, the light illuminates partially-shrouded numbers as they twist and tumble through the lens. Our story follows the individual lives of our core NASCAR drivers, but we created this moment as a narrative device that connects these characters through their numbers in one explosive and memorable 15 second build.

Other Directions.


We presented a lot of different directions to consider. All had their own unique look and vibe, but they all took their cue from the sport itself, incorporating the most exciting elements of NASCAR into the overall design. From familiar NASCAR camera angles and the racing stripes of the logo, to more graphic and simple approaches that leaned into a gritty visceral feel.