In The Nick of Time!


K+C directed “Room to Room” highlighting Motel 6’s nationwide renovations through a seamless journey of ‘in-the-nick-of-time’ gags. We shot over 3 days on location at an LA Motel 6 and a green screen stage, which afforded us space for large room builds, a turntable, and Motion-Control rigs for a multitude of setups. From a production perspective, the challenge was capturing dynamic, expansive camera moves, such as the 360-degree shots, while maintaining a cohesive look. Our VFX & post team was brought on very early enabling us to have an extensive previs process which allowed us to work efficiently on set.

A Word from our Client!


This is too good not to share… Thanks, Chris!

“The beauty of working with King and Country is that you can promise your client the moon and be confident that K+C will deliver,” says Chris Smith, brand creative group head at The Richards Group leading Motel 6 work. “Even if you don’t have every aspect of the concept totally worked out, you know K+C will come up with something that you might not have thought of, but still feels totally organic to your idea. K+C approaches every project like a team; everyone is pulling in the same direction. They’re so good at what they do, it actually makes you want to push yourself to come up with something that challenges them to see if they can pull it off. Which, of course, they always do.”

K+C’s Precision MoCo Moves.


On this dynamic journey through the motel, our camera freely changes perspective, using clever wipes and transitions, even plunging in and out of the water, to take us from the lobby to room to the bathroom to pool and then out to our ending dollhouse shot. Our approach here uses CG to bring newly renovated elements into rooms in the nick of time. These elements appear quickly and elegantly, sliding in with purpose while our Motion-Control camera allows us one long precise seamless move from beginning to end.

Watch the Behind the Scenes.


Given that these are sales-driven spots, our goal is to combine the anthemic bold graphics already established with highly specific benefit call-outs, all without becoming too cluttered. We propose to adjust the super call-outs to include bold, attention-grabbing typographic statements that fall in line with the national spots.