Teaming up with some OG’s.


We recently had the great fortune of teaming up with some old friends at Work In Progress to create the product end animation for Mike’s Hard Seltzer. We created a splash with dynamic and immersive animation while highlighting the flavor and refreshing qualities you can only find in the OG of this space, Mike’s! To bring out the flavor cues and freshness required the utmost photorealism of each element in the scene. Scroll down to discover more about the wonderful world of CG liquid dynamics.

The Art of Liquid Dynamics.


This end tag has a mixed set of physics to help communicate the fizzy freshness of the product. The bursting liquid, lemons, ice and product all obey the laws of physics as if they were shot for real. Animators hand animated the lemons, can and ice but the liquid interaction was simulated with dynamics. Simulating liquid is very much like running a science experiment. You must run simulation after simulation until you get the splash shapes you like often containing tens of millions of particles. Both light and darkness need to be sculpted so the viewer can understand the shapes of the liquid. Doing this lighting in the computer rather than on a real world stage has the advantage of allowing for physically impossible lighting techniques to really bring out the best lighting of each individual object in the scene.

Full Spot

Here is the brilliant spot for your viewing pleasure!