Free Loading on Prime Day.


We had a blast producing this spot for Amazon Prime Day Co-Directed by the wonderfully witty director Eric Anderson and K+C’s Efrain & Rick, and the smart folks over at Nomadic. We saw the budget limitations of not being able to shoot on multiple locations as a window of opportunity. We instead crafted everything on a stage with simple, well art directed sets under natural light that made our shot list achievable in one day. Most of the heavy lifting was in camera with the exception of CG set extensions and background environments.

Look + Feel


Combining realistic lighting, real props with painted backdrops and other theatrical elements, creates a sophisticated yet stylized version of reality that appears realistic. Her place isn’t full of busted-up garbage but a finely curated collection of unique discoveries. Our production design reinforced the “Tina-ish-ness” of her place. She’s colorful, cool and put together with an eclectic wardrobe from multiple eras and styles.

Casting + Character.


Comedic timing and delivery is everything and Tina had just the right amount of natural magnetism and charisma to be our spokesperson. She’s funny when doing nothing. Quirky in an excessively usual way. Understated not broad.


Tina is happy go lucky and a freeloader whose needs are simple. She likes free stuff and finds ways to get it, including Amazon’s Prime Day.Tina’s a naive optimist. Her sunny disposition leads to an idealistically simple view of the world. She’s an instantly likable know-it-all whose ethos might annoy only her closest friends but who strangers find immediately charming. She’s brilliant in her own way. She exudes confidence although her foibles are obvious. Her personality is evident in everything around her.