Weight Of The World.


Our friends at History Channel reached out to K+C to create a best-in-class campaign for LINCOLN to help them promote the third in a series of premium multi-part documentaries about America’s most fascinating presidents. LINCOLN follows the great success History Channel has had with WASHINGTON and GRANT.

K+C’s creative team was tasked with coming up with a fresh new way to frame the story of one of the world’s most researched, quoted, beloved, and well-known leaders. We needed to give audiences a reason why they need to revisit a story they likely think they already know. And the best way to do that was to highlight newer aspects of his story that may have not been revealed before.

While listening to Lincoln’s famous inauguration speech and by using a mix of photo real CG and beautifully shot show footage our camera pulls back revealing a very short timeline calling out historical moments from his election photos, through a tumultuous few weeks of Southern states seceding from the Union, the Confederate States of America being formed, to the inauguration at the Capital Building with CG crowds, and landing at Lincoln watching the devastation at the beginning of the Civil War. For most of these scenes we created photo real environments, trains, buildings, and battlefields putting Lincoln in the middle of the near dissolution of the United States of America.