It’s A Wonderful Lifetime.


Welcome to the factory that creates our holiday guilty pleasures! We journey through the Lifetime factory and witness our favorite movies being crafted. The device churning out all this movie magic is a large circular machine with many rings and layers all turning in different ways like an intricate clock. As the sequence plays out we see that the machinery itself is composed of parts that allude to the process of holiday movie making: camera parts, lights, clapper boards, & directors chairs. Classic holiday tropes are incorporated into the machine construction like snow machines, gift wrapping robots, mistletoe moments and Santa’s sleigh. As we pull out we find the factory scene is all taking place…inside a snow globe!

The Holiday Movie Factory.


What we loved about this concept was that the frames of film and monitors provided a host of opportunity to include shot talent and additional footage from all of the Lifetime Christmas movies. Throughout our journey we see control panels with footage from the films as well as windows through which we glimpse our celebrity talent. We start on our factory typewriter churning out movie scripts and throughout our journey we see control panels with footage from the films as well as windows through which we glimpse our celebrity talent. We incorporated shot talent and additional green screen footage of others to help tie the story together of Lifetime celebrities within the factory operating machinery, pulling levers, pressing buttons and cleverly connecting to the Lifetime factory in various ways. This created a mesmerizing factory experience with an all-star cast of Christmas splendor.

K+C Shooting Celebs during COVID.


With a long list of Lifetime celebrities to incorporate into the spot we had to rely on our K+C production team to not only shoot efficiently in 3 different states but also do that during a COVID pandemic while navigating the safety protocols for our clients, talent, and crew. We actually set the bar in terms of how to shoot during COVID providing a case-study for the safety of talent and crew to our network client. These shoots included in person and remote direction from our K+C Director and production teams. 

Animation: Oddly Satisfying.


What made this project fit into the zeitgeist was that the contemporary way we animated our factory became truly mesmerizing to watch. We created loop-able components that built Lifetime gift boxes, hydraulic arms that stamped film canisters, and a giant conveyor belt that shot packages into the 25 days of Christmas projector to the world. We hope it is as enjoyable to watch as it was to make.