Knights Templar Frozen 360.


K+C spilled a lot of blood with our good friends at History. Shot entirely in one day on a custom-built 360 green screen stage in Prague, we follow the Holy Grail’s journey throughout history, from the Last Supper to the tomb of Jesus, from the Temple of Glastonbury to the Siege of Toulouse, from the Fall of Acre to Godfrey’s ship.

K+C came up with the concept and directed the show talent for this promo using a dramatic and engaging ‘bullet time’ style technique to stage scenes of frozen moments throughout the ages. The result is an epic and spectacular visual journey.

Wattle Church, Glastonbury.

Cathar Castle, Toulouse.

The Fall of Acre, Jerusalem.

Watch the Behind the Scenes.


The beginning of the spot was mostly achieved in post. The heavy lifting was staging the three ‘frozen’ fight scenes on green screen in one day. We brought a lot of planning and relied on amazing local production in Prague to build our 360 ‘kill’ tent. To accomplish this look of seamless bullet-time we shot on a green screen stage with skilled stuntmen, extras, and our hero show talent.

The talent were propped up, suspended by wires, and contorted in a frozen moment that allowed us to run the camera around the track at a somewhat normal speed. The final touch of CG elements such as Cloaks, Banners, Blood, Smoke, and Doves were added to cement our world in reality.