Jumanji: Main On End.


Jumanji (the 1995 film) was known to the world as a beloved family adventure helmed by the late, great Robin Williams. But in 2017 filmmaker Jake Kasdan set out to honor the original while putting his own spin on the classic – turning it into a modern day action-comedy. The new Jumanji had lots of great themes and imagery to build our initial main title concepts out of: game boards, magic,, a video game theme, colorful characters, animals, big action set-pieces, and of course… maps.



We initially pitched a slew of concepts to be the main title at the top of the film. Jake picked his favorite and we started developing it. This concept focused on the one thing the film about getting sucked into a video game did not have – a look at the video game itself! We fully designed and animated a 16-bit version of what the Jumanji video game would look like. But in the end, the director felt it would be too distracting at the top of the film so he thought about placing it after the movie. But then he thought as a main on end this title sequence would take the audience out of the final emotional moments of the film and leave them thinking about our fun, game-inspired title sequence instead. So our new directive was to come up with a main on end that still carried the tone of the film, did not feel like a standalone component and did not have it’s own narrative. So we came up with the idea of using the map. This was another important element of the story, as the basis of the title design.