Ironman III.


The original Ironman 1 flipped the script on what a “superhero movie” could be. It was such a great film it made Ironman fans out of people who didn’t even know who the character was. And it was the first building block of what was to ultimately become The Avengers franchise. Ironman 2 was just as popular with fans. So when 3 came around… we were excited to be invited to the dinner party. 

Legendary writer/director Shane Black was at the director helm this time. He wanted us to come up with title concepts that would leave the audience with the main themes of the film. To us, the “nanite element” in the movie was a big one. Not only was it a cool techy element central to the narrative but it represented deconstruction and rebuilding – which was the emotional journey Tony Stark was on in this chapter. We did a couple directions ideating off the nanites and then our third concept focused on the bad guy – The Mandarin. He was the puppet master. The bad guy pulling the strings. So we took this idea and ran with it and executed it like a classic Bond Film sequence – only animated.

Direction 01.


This concept reveals an exclusive look into Tony Stark’s “suit arsenal.” We peer through a library of suits each intricately modi ed for different occasions, adding parts, weaponry, and other functions conducive to fighting evil. Intricate close up shots will show the details of these special feature suits and their power allowing for ample graphic design to showcase the name of each suit and it’s power.

Direction 02.


Iron Man starts breaking apart and we travel through a dreamlike environment depicting his transformation where cells are rapidly building from nanites forming into strings -breaking him down but at the same time building him up. It becomes a physical and psychological battle ground for iron man, fighting with the elements that are breaking him down. It’s a battle from within. The fiber strings get stronger as Tony Stark gets stronger, eventually he breaks through and leaves the bindings behind.

Direction 03.


Smoke wavers below puppet strings manipulating the world into chaos. Iron man appears from the sky falling between the strings into an inferno plume of red clouds. As he continues to plummet through the clouds toward the ground, pieces of his suit start breaking off. We cut to see Iron man despondent on the ground as the earth slowly cracks beneath him. His blood spills into the cracks owing through them and transitioning to veins attached to a heart. The heart represents Tony Stark’s own heart suspended in an abstract space threatened by shrapnel slowly moving in. His heart pulses rapidly into cardiac arrest as the camera begins to pan right to see the vein-like earth breaking into shards and transitioning into a stark white scene with swarms of nanites swimming past the camera. This represents the formation of the serum and the camera moves through the liquid using rack focus to focus between the nanites and text. As the camera zooms out and we see millions of nanites flashing past until we reveal a thick, menacing liquid built up from the nanites with ghost/monster-like kinetic qualities.

The serum engulfs the screen filling to pitch black as a giant needle approaches. Piercing sharply through Tony Stark’s skin the serum slithers out of his body constricting every vein, but slowly building up his suit again. The exoskeleton begins to crumble off his body structure piece by piece revealing gold underneath his skin. The new Iron man suit is revealed as he shakes off the last bit of debris before he shooting up into the sky.