Greatest Heists.


Since the creation of currency, money has made the world go round and people have done anything and everything in their power to get their hands on a lot of it, including formulating some of the most devious and high-stakes heist attempts of all time. “History’s Greatest Heists with Pierce Brosnan” delves into the intricate schemes and audacity of the criminal masterminds who risked their freedom for a shot at a lifetime of wealth and riches.



Our goal was to make this promo feel like authentic security camera CCTV footage so the viewer would feel like they’re watching an actual heist in progress, caught in on a security camera. To pull this off, we used a few tricks in our toolbox to ensure that the footage felt captured rather than staged. We used a variety of our angles throughout, mimicking the perspective of a security camera and in post, treated the footage with scan lines, grain, and digital glitches, giving it the authentic tone and texture of surveillance footage.



Instead of using the typical digital film cameras for this spot, we’ll use an array of smaller cameras. We rigged these in key areas at angles that gave us the multi-perspective CCTV look we were after. To further enhance this realistic surveillance camera look, we relied primarily on the existing lighting in our location, augmenting the lighting where needed to achieve the desired effect. Once the cameras were set up, our actors could play out the heist scenes without interruption, allowing us to move quickly through our day and get a realistic look at the action from all angles.