Truck of the Year 101!


Based on our previous Ford Rant campaign K+C created this spot to show off the F-150’s shiny new award. K+C combined photo-real CG trucks, props, cinematic textures, set pieces, and bold, colorful type to convey the story.  As the F-150 travels across a rugged landscape, viewers dive from overhead shots to inside its churning engine, and with brilliant transitions, the rocket-paced edit seamlessly takes us to our classroom of Truck of the Year 101!

K+C Aces MotorTrend!


K+C was prepared for this test when we were asked to deliver a special awards spot in only 3 weeks. Our pals at Team Detroit & FORD knew we could turn this around quickly, and still apply our unique wit and design sensibilities to present this message in signature style. Making things look Pretty and Awesome is a given but delivering the impossible always gets you the A+!