MoCo + Phantom Meet Flex.


K+C directed this campaign taking it to the next level visually and stylistically for Dickies Flex, evolving their work for the brand and positioning the new groundbreaking Flex line of products as the world’s leading performance workwear. Shooting with a Phantom Flex on the ultra-high-speed Bolt motion-control rig, we were able to fluidly and seamlessly change speeds to highlight key moments in the story and emphasize vital details about the product.

Engineered to Move.


Dickies Flex is “engineered to move” and we illustrated this with innovative CG visualizations of the core technology in the fabrics. In each scene, we used modern and sleek tech-driven graphics highlighting details around the products as we see them in action, creating a distinctive signature look for the brand. Without sacrificing authenticity around each profession, we added a layer of visual style to the action that stands out from Dickies’ competition, and truly emphasizes the science and engineering behind these revolutionary workwear products.

Watch the Behind the Scenes.


See how we brought Northwest logging, Baja California rally truck racing, and extreme bridge repair to one location near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena CA. K+C has become the go-to crew when it comes to motion control. Honing our craft and pushing moco rigs to the limits, we know how to plan and execute with pinpoint accuracy and let the performances shine. Couple that with our world-class VFX department, K+C’s in-house directors have the art down to a science. Take a look behind the scenes, as this is the method behind our madness!

Dickies Flex Key Art.


Our K+C team also tackled the Key Art for this project. We shot the day after our commercial shoot on the same set. Check out the work below.