King+Country recently teamed up with our good friend Mike G to produce the fun spot to kick off Hallmark Channels Countdown to Christmas. Even though it was the height of summer, we really loved getting into the holiday spirit to help hype Hallmark’s now-legendary Christmas season event.

For our overall approach, we embraced classic rom-com tropes while finding clever ways to evoke the spirit of the season. Hallmark’s Countdown To Christmas is truly one of the most iconic tv events of the year, so our goal was to make it feel as big, vibrant, and celebration-worthy as possible—all while delighting the viewer with spots that are as sweet and surprising as the movies they’re referencing.

We cast a wide net to find the perfect performers! This spots called for genuinely charming, and approachable people, with expressive faces that could convey plenty of emotion without needing to say a word.