Captain America: Winter Soldier



Before the “Russo Brothers” were a household name who helped transform superhero movies into a bazillion-dollar cultural phenomenon, they were a pair of lesser known TV directors. They were coming off directing episodes of shows like Arrested Development and Community. Our phone rings – they asked us to come in and pitch main titles on a film featuring one of our favorite childhood heroes of all time, Captain America. We jump at the chance! After we watched an early rough cut of the film – our jaws were on the floor. Forget the fact that this was a “superhero” film… it was just a great film. Forget the fact that they injected a whole spy-thriller, sub-genre into the superhero genre…. it was just a great film. This was one of our favorite assignments of all time.

The Russo Brothers and Kevin Fiege wanted us to ideate concepts keeping the “spy thriller” element at the top of mind. We did. And we also came up with some ideas that showcased the iconic attributes of the other featured characters. Mood and tone drove our directions. We had so many elements from this project to draw inspiration from (great characters, story, tone, multiple genres, etc…) it made our job easy.

Direction 01.

Direction 02.