The Air We Share


Our good friends at Tandem Theory Agency reached out early to partner up with our K+C creative team to concept and art direct the “The Air We Share” pitch to their client Daikin for their Olympic campaign. Although Daikin Industries is the number one air conditioning company in the world given their youth in the marketplace, we were challenged to build a 4 spot national campaign that would heighten brand awareness in the US by showing that Daikin exists to cultivate human connection by creating indoor environments that allow people to connect and thrive and minimize the impact on the outside world.

Seamless VFX


Our concept required a 2 day shoot of multiple vignettes on location combined with VFX and CG product animation. Our goal was to visually show how The Air We Share is the one thing that connects all of us—how we interact, how we work, how we play and how Daikin helps create the better indoor environments that set the stage for those positive interactions.

Magic in the Details


A campaign of this size needed to feel big. In order to achieve truly stunning imagery we combined our 2 day live action shoot with epic global stock footage, multiple photo real CG Daikin products and VFX magical air waves. The VFX waves show how we’re all connected. From the smallest living things to our thriving metropolises sharing our hopes, our dreams, and our lives in every breath we take. Like magic we see the air sparkle and dance and move like a butterfly throughout our worlds.