Motel 6 Room To Room Making Of

King and Country directed the live action and produced this :30 TV Commercial from start to finish for Motel 6 and ad agency The Richards Group. “Room to Room” highlights Motel 6’s nationwide renovations through a seamless room-to-room journey. The VFX-intensive spot alludes to some of the magic King and Country brought to the iconic Motel 6 50th Anniversary spot “Metamorphosis,” such as transitional devices and other key visuals. It was important that the renovations not appear intrusive to potential travelers staying at Motel 6s across the country. This was where our ‘in-the-nick-of-time’ gags came into place. The characters are oblivious to the changes as the camera catches them happening right before they interact with the rooms, so we don’t give the impression that renovations are ongoing. This project highlights all that we do as a full-service studio, from concepting and planning, directing and editorial, to animation, VFX and finishing.


King and Country


The Richards Group